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  1. Aim global is an acronym meaning Alliance in motion global.

    Its a world best multi level marketing company that originated from Asia and its mission is to create wealth and quality health to her members/distributors world wide.

    Aim global has won many award which includes:- The No 1 best selling mlm in the world from 2013 to 2016.

    Their products is food supplement and the flagship product is made from more than 22,000 phyto nutrients and it has been proved the best without side effect, the name of the product is C24/7. There are many other products like complete phyto energizer, Restolyf, choleduz, Alkaline Liven Coffee( world 1st alkaline coffee fortified with 22,000 phyto nutrient), mychoco, and many others.

    Aim global aims at creating multi millionaires in which for a period of 4 years in Nigeria more that 300 self made multi millionaires has been created.

    Join aim global to achieve your dreams click here for more details http://www.startaimglobal.com

    Reasons for joining aim global are:

    1. You make money in 7 different ways

    2. There is no demotion.

    3. There is no autoship.

    4. A website is created for you to monitor your business and its easy to be done every where you are.

    5. They have wonderful working products.

    6. You can easily qualified for traveling, all expense paid trip to USA, PHILIPPINES and many other countries.

    You can get more details about how to get started with this business and more about me as a silver executive in aim global profkaludoka.wordpress.com, +2348063633606, kaludoka12@gmail.com

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