We have given a clear distinction between gold and mining, then we will be looking at the reasons why we must discover the goldmine in us as we have clearly explained what is goldmine discovery is all about.
In our society today, there are many reasons why one must discover his/her goldmine. Some of these reasons are :
1. For an enduring uniqueness of an individual.
2. Its also for the area of ones greatest strenght.
3. It’s for efficiency, which has to do with doing things perfectly. It’s only what you are skillful or talented at that you can do to the level of perfection.
4. We discover our goldmine for job satisfaction, it is only in something that you have discovered that you can do with happiness. Lack of satisfaction in a career is an indication that the individual has not yet discovered his goldmine or simply put talent as we said earlier.
5. A source of help to yourself and to others positively. Remember, when you exhibits your goldmine, you are a source of encouragement to those who have been finding it difficult to find their goldmine.
6. It provides motivation. When you discover you goldmine, you will seek to produce people that will replace you when you must have left the scene with those elements of excellency and greatness.
We shall stop here to continue in the next episode of this learning always come around to check what we have for you. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading this piece of information


By profkaludoka

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