Wisdom is said to simply mean a commom sense. The actual meaning of wisdom is wise action which implies that when a knowledge or information are gathered or acquired, then when an action is taken and succeeds it shows that you are wise. This action you have taken us
the only thing that can guarantee you a wise person which is the wisdom we are talking about.
Wisdom can be built, developed as well as well as being improved as regards to an acquired knowledge. The knowledge acquired when utilized well we say that. That the person who uses it as wise one.
Meanwhile, wisdom Has some factors that will enable us build our wise actions which is wisdom.
Factors of wisdom building

Some of the factors that will help us build our wisdom are as follows:
1. Information acquisition: Reach out for information. That will help you grow not the one that will destroy. We have good information as well as bad ones for the good information directs you to take good actions. But bad information will always lead you to taking decisions wrong actions. Look for good information to take wise actions.
2. The source of information: Be careful with who gives you information, make good friends because good friends will give you good information which will help you make wise actions.
3. Relevance of the information received:
Importance of an information gathered matters a lot when trying to make good decisions in your life. Make sure that the information you got are relevant for your decision making.
4. How to use the information: one thing as regards to taking wise action is getting information and another thing is using the information well without having any further doubt. Listening and following a defined instruction during the acquisition of information is very relevant when you want to use any information.
5 Application of any information gotten from any person whom you have regarded as a reliable source. Then when you apply the information well and succeed, someone can say that you are wise which is wise actions.


By profkaludoka


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