Learning is A Continous Act

Wisdom is said to simply mean a commom sense. The actual meaning of wisdom is wise action which implies that when a knowledge or information are gathered or acquired, then when an action is taken and succeeds it shows that you are wise. This action you have taken us
the only thing that can guarantee you a wise person which is the wisdom we are talking about.
Wisdom can be built, developed as well as well as being improved as regards to an acquired knowledge. The knowledge acquired when utilized well we say that. That the person who uses it as wise one.
Meanwhile, wisdom Has some factors that will enable us build our wise actions which is wisdom.
Factors of wisdom building

Some of the factors that will help us build our wisdom are as follows:
1. Information acquisition: Reach out for information. That will help you grow not…

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Europe: 30 days, 15 Countries

Learning they say is permanent change in behaviour encompassing a lot of things ranging from traveling, reading, writing, making friends, blogging, making more money, working in an office for your boss, working as a business owner, creating and recreating, in fact innovation has been the top of the major factor teaching us things within us and beyond. Europe has ever been my love country spanning from their way of relating to people, business ideas, and intellectual maturity in all their doings. Although the foolish ones will still be found there (lol).
Its high time people see good thing and call by its name and appreciate it, admire good thing to have more of good things in abundance, Europe is good that is what travelling has taught me and making of friends as well as
researches. I will like to visit one of the new European countries in this blog which is Spain.

Turquoise Compass

EuropeEurope is no longer a wish, want, or desire. I can finally say I’ve made it to Europe. Europe is checked off my bucket list, although now I have added new European countries to that very same bucket list (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc… I could truly go on and on). With each destination that I visit and check off my bucket list, I continue to add new places I’ve learned about, heard about, or still hope to see. All of my worries, anxieties, and excuses about Europe are now in the distance because I can say for sure that Europe is the perfect place to explore. My 30 day bus adventure through Europe with Topdeck brought me to 15 amazing countries.

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