Reading on the Regular

Blogging should be for passionate people. You cannot blog if you are not passionate with writing and reading also. Reading and writing is a habit that need to be cultivated but a situation whereby and individual is not ready to learn by reading and not even interested in writing, this simply means the person is not ready to learn. Its obvious that learning can”t be effected when you refuse to read, write and even ask question. This year 2015, it is closer to you and all of us that we need to be reading, publishing and searching for information regularly to keep us acquainted with the trend the world is going. Learning is not just being contented with what a teacher has taught you, it has gone to the level of finding more information on your own without depending solely on one man”s knowledge whom you have regarded as your teacher. Remember, knowledge is power and its power when you are able to find one and apply it.
How do we read ? This is an interesting question, but before you read ask yourself what you are looking for and then go for it. Then avoid every distraction to help you concentrate. Concentration is one of the major keys to reading hence being able to apply it is another thing so its imperative to enlist all major points while you are reading to enable you make your scale of preferences in other to forgo some at the moment.
Without wasting time, learning is a continuous act and that can be achieved by reading regularly, traveling and asking questions when you are getting confused.

The Daily Post

With 2015 on its way, some of you might have blogging goals for the new year:

I want to publish a post every day.

I want to launch a blog with a few of my favorite bloggers.

I want to take my writing to the next level.

I want to make my mark on the internet — in a way that only I can.

This year, I was especially inspired by ongoing and serial projects, like Leah Reich’s A Year of Wednesdays collection, Ann Morgan’s A Year of Reading the World book list, and Andrea Badgley’s Andrea Reads America blog.

One essay a week, every Wednesday, for a year.

Leah Reich writes about culture, technology, relationships, and more. In her Medium collection, A Year of Wednesdays, she has published an essay every Wednesday this year. What I love the most is that these musings are quite short — two…

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By profkaludoka

One comment on “Reading on the Regular

  1. Prof kaludoka
    Finding and reading additional information on a topic that I’ve taught or introduced to my students is one of the hardest skills that I am trying to instill in my students. This refusal to read is made even more difficult due to this age of technology. My students have not yet quit comprehend the pleasures of holding a book, newspaper or a magazine because they are too busy holding their phones or ipads texting. They fail to understand how poor reading skills is connected to their frustrations of writing. Most of my students define reading as a nuisance, dull, and taking too much of their time.


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