Are you the person who thinks that you are comfortable with your present position and you are satisfied on that position? Remember, you are about getting crumbled.
Repositioning of oneself is a situation whereby an individual changes from one position, condition (s), state of mind, social strata ( higher, middle or lower ), behavioral state to another. But most times people move from the best to better and from better to worst. It is the deadly thing that can happen to man/woman to deteriorate instead of increase or grow.
You can reposition yourself by changing from the position where you are now to another to enable you make friends in another place, most importantly changing lives not in a negative way but in a positive way. Can people say because of you they are in a good position? If not, you have not repositioned yourself well.
You can change your state of mind, by having good orientation about your life. Don’t always think that you are inferior, poor, nobody, ugly or having bad feelings about yourself at all times. Be positive minded in everything, that alone will help you grow.
Although, there are social stratification in our society. We have those in the upper, middle and lower class/strata. If you find out that you are in the lower cadre try very well to move to the next level. You can do that by acquiring education, making friends who would give you some connection, research for things that will improve you, if its your family migrate to another place. If you try these things you must have a result that will take you to another social class.
Reposition yourself by helping others, seek for help when in need, remember is not because you can do one thing means that you can do everything yourself.
If you are not doing anything now, try to do something and don’t be idle for idle mind is a devil’s workshop and you will not grow and will never change your position rather you will find yourself stagnant or even falling.
Am still your friend Kalu Udoka, am saying no matter how comfortable you think you are now, reposition yourself in many other ways. Thanks


By profkaludoka