My parents are the best friends I ever had.
They were the first teachers I ever had.
Who can teach me like my parents?
My parents love, loves and loved me that I have not seen any teacher or lover like them.
My parent cares for me even when I could not care for myself, what a wonderful love. I was just like a blood and my mother nurtured me until I became a human being, my parents nurtures me to ensure that am a man.
My parents sent me to school where I will obtain the formal education, which now am educated using it to feed them.
My parents showed me the right way to follow which is christian life where Godly morals rule the way and ways of interacting with people are Godly and you don’t talk to anybody any how despite your status.
My parents thought me how to be bold before people and never to be afraid when am supposed to stand on my ground. Thank God for the type of parents that I have, they love and want good things for their children. Such that they are friendly with every body teaching everyone in the home how to be friendly with people.
Don’t look for trouble outside and never be humiliated without fighting your right, standing on your right must be with courteousness and never allow the consciousness of standing on your right to lead you to injury, prejudice, quarrel, fighting and killing.
My parents helped me in there humble and parental advices even when I am married but never to interfere in my family affairs but just in an advisory way ensuring that what they thought have not been forgotten. They call everyday to inquire how all their children are fairing including the most elderly one being myself and my family.
My parents are the best parents ever in their own time,
The concern now is will I be better than my parents
Will you be better than your parents
Will you be called a best parent in life
How have been taking care of your children
Our major interest is for you the reader to become a good mother or a good father. Don’t be the father/mother that your children will suffer in what you caused them, make your way right to give them an interesting and friendly environment for growth. I am still your friend Kalu Udoka O. an educationist

By profkaludoka

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