In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

I want to state three major reasons why people are happy or three things that will make people happy.

1. FINANCIAL FREEDOM: This is one the major reason why many persons have joined bad gangs and living a recless life. Financial freedom is a state when people have enough money to sort their family and their daily needs..Whenever one have enough money to pay up his or her bills at home and get what he want at any given time, it is always observed the the person will be happy. When you have money will be able to build the type of house you want without hitch and you will be able to buy the kind of car you wish.

2. PEACEFUL WOMAN AS WIFE: many people have gone to their early grave because of the type of spouse making them to be unhappy. So in a nut shell, marrying a peaceful spouse makes one happy.

3. LIVING HEALTHY LIFE: This is another reason why many people always cry everyday, many spend all their hard earned money in curing and maintaining good health. Health they say is wealth this is the reason why many people who are always in the hospital don’t succeed or flourish rather always spending to get health in good condition thereby rendering them useless and miserable. In my area, a healthy person is always seen as a happy person.


By profkaludoka


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