Alliance in motion global which originated from Philippians has been providing the avenue where people’s life changes from

lower level to a great level.

Alliance in motion global has their partners such as NATURES WAY, HALAL and KOSHEA as much as we know natures way is more than 50 years

and they see to the manufacturing of herbal product as well as food supplements.

The level of success accumulated by Alliance in motion global has been so much remarkable withing its Nine years of existence. Some of the successes includes the following : They have produced more 1000 millionaires and in Nigeria within two years we have already 250 self made millionaires

The Company exist in many countries and Nigeria was the first African country where it entered and now the company are in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Togo and its quickly spreading.

How are they making money?

Its a good question but the thing is that we have 7 ways of earning such as

1. 25% retailing of their products

2. Binary method of earning where you get two persons one on the right and the other on the right

you will be paid 1900 x 2= 3800

3. Matching Bonus: This is when two persons are directly or indirectly referred by you and you will be paid the some of 5700 and this spans as much as people enters your line.

4. Uni Level: This is when you directly sponsor people as many as possible and you are going to earn 10% of allĀ  your first generation and 5% to the 2nd to the 10th generation of people under you.

5. Stair Step which is when you 10%, 20% and 30% on all the people under you when you become Silver Executive until you get to Gold Executive.

6.Profit sharing and

7. European Trips which presently its 5 European countries.

Be aware that AIM GLOBALĀ  does not give you QUOTA.

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By profkaludoka