We can define success in many perspective following how an individual perceives it.

Success can be seen by someone as being able to achieve all the set down goals.

It can also be seen as being able to acquire wealth and that is how many persons has actually seen success.

Some sees it as a level of educational attainment and as a time when exam is passed.

At times, people sees success as winning a trophy and capitalizes on that as success.

Meanwhile, the year is ending and the truth still remains all the new year revolution you made at the beginning of 2015, where you able to achieve it or all accordingly?

If you have not achieved it, remember the year is coming to an end and it means you have not made any success this year.

My advice now is though the year is ending, make a good plan for next year so that you will have more successes for the next year.

The year 2016 is going to be a better year when you plan well and make good revolutions then success will be achieved.

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By profkaludoka