People have many reasons for why they do what they do

The issue of importation is an important issue we cannot overlook because many people have various intention in importation of goods.

Mini Importation Business has to do with quality importing items online at cheaper prices and reselling them here in Nigeria for profits.

And the best part about this business is that…

  • You can start with very small capital of just N10,000
  • It doesn’t require you to own an office – You can operate the business from the comfort of your home or office
  • You don’t need to get an operating license from the government
  • There are no custom wahala involved in the mini importation business

Even better, almost anyone can start this mini importation business whether you are civil servant, private sector worker, university or polytechnic student, graduate, business owner, NYSC corper, secretary etc.

As long as you have good knowledge about the importation business, you can get started and succeed in it.

To get started,

There Are 5 Main Tools You Need In Order to
Kick-Start This Mini Importation Business

What you need to get started are…

1. A valid home or office address – This is the address where your imported items will be shipped or sent to.

2. The online import portals… these are the website or online stores where you will have access to communicate with the merchants, manufacturers or sellers of the items that you wish to import and you will also buy your item through this online portal.

3. A Mastercard or visa card issued from any Nigerian Bank – this will be used for making payment for your imported items (although there are other payment methods, but I recommend you only use this for a simple reason)

4. Your Start up capital – Like I said earlier you can start this business with N10,000 start up capital or even less…

5. Access to my brand new Importation Business Guide, to get access to this New importation Business Guide go here http://www.importationincome.info

Who Else Wants to Start Importing Cheap Hot selling Items from Online Stores in USA, UK & China Starting with very Little Capital of N10,000 and Resell Them here in Nigeria Earning N120,000 Per Month Profit By Simply Partnering with Nigeria’s Ecommerce sites, Konga and Jumia?

The link again to get started is http://www.importationincome.info


By profkaludoka


This is a question many person ask especially when they are being offended or when they are grieved inquisitive to find out something.

What are the reasons behind this question ‘Who are you’?

  1. Maybe surprise in actions against someone
  2. Interested to know more about you
  3. Concerned in knowing your personality.
  4. Afraid of what may be happening because the person must have taken you by surprise and you will ask who are you.
  5. Proving to be stronger always prompt this question.

Be it as it may, its not really important what you are thinking about some other person, but what is important is what are you thinking about yourself.?

I think am a great man, but some hindrances making people not to see the greatness. Every time I start thinking and observing who am I, I see myself  as a great man.

If you don’t start thinking this way, you will remain dormant in your life without making success.

Some even think that others where created better than themselves, but fear in them hinders them from doing many things in solving their problems.

We maybe given many and different talents, use it now and improve that thing God has blessed you with.

Who are you? should not be the question but ‘what have I been created for’?

Walk out our future as God has already made it for you, but you want to depend on someone without doing something, although God uses someone to help you.

Am presenting to us the way of thinking to make changes and build ourselves not asking unnecessary questions, join in this trend of financial growth http://www.importationincome.info and http://www.allianceinmotion.com after reading and you wish to ask question go ahead to contact me 08063633606 or 08092503854 or send me a mail at kaludoka12@gmail.com

By profkaludoka

Importation Business My new Discovery

Importation business has been scary to people and I have always been scared any time I think of venturing into importation.

Why do people think this way as I have been? The respond or the answer is simple, they think that its only for the rich people and those that have millions. I was thinking likewise, but there is a new discover which is saying that importation is for every willing heart that is ready to buy everything you desire without going yo the market with little capital. You can do it as business by buying from Uk, USA and China in cheap prices and sell them in 100% profit.

It’s real and truth, I have been importing and selling too. If you want to start, don’t be scared again thinking is for only rich men, you can start with little capital of #20,000 or even #10,000. For your starting point go here http://www.importationincome.info

Now How Can You Get Started Right Away 

With this Mini Importation Business?

I have complied a brand new report on how to go about your importation business, how to put everything together and kick-start an importation business that earns you N150,000 per month.


The Importation Business Guide

“How to kick-start your own importation business of importing
items at cheaper prices from usa, uk and china and reselling
them here in Nigeria”

By profkaludoka