Dear Beloved Reader ,


Reason is because (Digital mobile marketing services are taking over
all space of fast advertising before the eyes of the society)

People no longer go to: Radio, Tv, Offline paper etc
Reason is because of its high cost & convert not more than 5% attention
to their target audience.

But having discovered that 99% of Nigerian is always with their mobile
phone, funny!
Even some goes to toilet & bathroom with it.
They have refused to bye pass this media of digital mobile marketing
due to its fast attraction to their well targeted audience.

And convert more than 80% of their fast attention to their targeted
Then Smart individuals like YOU keep on rolling into this Niche of
mobile marketing business & keep smiling to the Bank
why making them happy.

Listen Beloved ,
Am not trying to bring your attention over any of my online business
Niche ..but just letting
You know what’s happening in d society.

Alright! Imagine a client transferred to our Account yesterday
to help her design an Online Newspaper Ad website.
Everything thing have taken its profit space online.

And nothing pays than giving people an opportunity, products, services,
space, media, platform just to advertising / promote or market their
business, products and services;

Because that is d only means which they can over pass their competitors
in profit polling
As such whether d economy of Nigeria are good or not.
They must pay for such Services to still stay in business,
get customers and ensure their life survival;

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! The key point of any business
(both online & offline)
Not to talk of when they can get such products & services from you
at their Affordable discounted prices via your website or even F-REE lol
Smart work pays than hard work dear.

! Ok Have you ever thought of the thousands of churches over
the country & How many members they got weekly +
how many programs, activities, crusade, invitations,
inspirations & many more broadcast messages they sent out every
particular week?

===> How many schools in the country (especially private schools)?
====> How many organizations in the country?
====> How many Business owners in the country
(both online & offline business) waiting to Advertise, Promote,
Market & push more Traffic to their Business, Website, Blog etc…?
===> How many Millions of customers your Bank send Payment
SMS Alert/ Security Alert / Birthday Messages ETC To
All Millions Of Customers etc…. daily all over d country &
you are even being charged at the end of every
month for the SMS Alert By Ur Bank?
& even the common Birthday Text Message Your Bank Sent to
You Is Been Charged.

If you are smart enough or you start it from today, you will notice
that At the end of Every month , your Bank Account are been
Debited & Charged for the
SMS Alert sent to you on that month, yes even Mine Too.
Remember that they are patronizing and paying millions of naira
monthly to somebody who owns these services,
it might be you or me, i don’t care. Even the common Birthday messages
+ Security Alert & Others sent to you & I by our Bank
was charged & debited from our Account.

(Now think about if that same bank is using your
Mobile Marketing Website or your API to carry out this service.
Yes due to the Fastest Delivery Bulk SMS India Gateway API
we are going to install for you, this might force them to abandon
their own or their former provider to yours after testing
your Free Trial Services.

Think of how much they can make you on Daily basis
from all M-illions of customers your Bank send SMS Alert Daily Via:
Bank Hall, ATM Machine, Withdraw, Deposit, etc
Using My Fastest SMS Delivery Gateway API install on your
website, Support, Training & Marketing Tips.
Attracting This Big Paying Clients/Customers will be easy like
attracting Sugar to Ant.
===> ! How many occasions are held on a daily basis over
YOUR Location alone?
===> How many millions of GSM Users in your State receive
congrats text per broadcast?
What of during Election period time.
That’s another Wow M-illions of naira period of time on your hand,
& before then your website have been well recognized
by Google search engine + others.
These Politicians must carry out their campaign broadcasting
messages + thank the people who voted them to power.

And the only & fastest way they can do that is by
using SMS Marketing & that’s where you come in. Period.

Let’s Keep Moving..; On
===> How many messages does marketers sent daily to increase sells,
thanks customers & wish them well + Happy Seasonal

Greetings + many more:?
Caller Tune , Voice Call,  GSM Databases Phone Nos,
Email Database , SMS Mobile Marketing , Email Marketing
+ Other Mobile Marketing Products &
Services you are to sell on your website.

Yes Using I & My Mentor & Students Smart Mobile Marketing
& Using My Fastest API Gateway Installation On Ur Website,
Training & Marketing Tips,
Student Support, Best Feature; E.T.C

Infact, Only My Marketing Material + FREE
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Committed to your success,

Am still your friend and a Digital mobile Marketer

Kalu Udoka O. aka profkalu

My contact remains 08063633606

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Someone may ask “Which Happiness and Blessing are you talking about” ?

Obviously, many will be thinking that am talking about name of a person  as such the words depicts someones name which

is so common within my area.

Many give their child Happiness and Blessing because of its meaning.

Happiness as its name implies means a state of being happy or being in a mood when one expresses being joyful or happy. Happiness has many things that is attached to it, many people when they are happy can give out their building as gift Lol.

The question is what is it that makes you happy and how do you handle happiness?

If you discover the things that makes you happy, then you should now start planning on how to manage it so that you don’t destroy yourself because you are happy.

On the contrary, happiness is a sign of Blessing not really someones’ name but a sign to show how favored you may be at a given time.

All the thing you like doing or things that when you do them you become happy is very important in the life of everyone that wishes to make success in life.

Its important you grab the things that make you happy and venture into it on daily basis. Like myself, writing, teaching, chatting, networking business, digital marketing and solving arithmetic happens to be the things that makes me happy which in disguise turns to be blessing unto me and people around me on daily basis.

One of the thing that I do that makes me happy is blogging here is it http://www.ultimatesmsnigeria.com and again http://www.startaimglobal.com where I do networking business and every day am happy to answer a blessing unto many persons.

Instead of being a cause to people around you, then be a blessings by helping in one way or the other, but you cannot help in things that you are not happy doing. That brings about the relationship Happiness and Blessing.

Am waiting for your understanding and your feelings concerning this post.

By profkaludoka

Whatever You Want To Do, Look For Someone That Has Done It Successfully, Learn How He Did It and Repeat The Process.

How to Succeed Quickly & Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!
Dear Beloved ,

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m encouraging you to join
get rich quick schemes. No! I won’t do such a thing. I’ll never advise
My Student, Client, Friend, Fans, Subscribers & even my Blog readers
to do something I know will NOT help them.

“So beloved, Why Am I advising you to Go out there and Succeed
Quickly ?” The answer is simple; there is nothing wrong with succeeding
quickly. I know many people that have succeeded quickly and legally
so it won’t be a bad idea if you could do it as well.

Today I’m going to reveal to you how to eliminate all the guess work
on your way to success.
I’m going to reveal to you how to achieve ALL you want
to achieve faster than you ever thought possible…

It is not a wise idea to live your life spending years to achieve something
you could have achieved quickly.

Let’s assume you’ll like to publish your own book and become
a bestselling author but for some reasons, you’ve not been able
to achieve your dream. You’ve probably spent years “dreaming”
about it and possibly “working towards” it. But somehow,
there seems to be a missing piece in the puzzle.

By the time you’re done with today;s training, you would have discovered
the SIMPLE secret that wills catapults you to your goal.

Now, let me warn you: Because this technique is very simple
(and kind of obvious), there is a chance you won’t take it seriously.
Do NOT make that mistake. Make sure you take it to heat and act
on it right away. That is the way to go.

Here’s the secret…
Beloved, Whatever You Want To Do, Look For Someone
That Has Done It Successfully, Learn How He Did It And Repeat
The Process!

That is quite simple isn’t it? Yes it is. No questions!
But it is brutally effective.
Let’s assume you’ll like to invest and make money in the Stock Market.
What most people would do is that they will look for a stock broker and
hand their money over to him to “invest” on their behalf.
That is NOT a wise thing to do in my opinion.

Personally, I’m not interested about the stock market but if,
or should I say, whenever I will decide to be a stock market millionaire,
I’ll look for someone that makes millions in the stock market,
learn from him what he does right and then do it for myself.

“For Example”
When I decided to become a Giant Information & Mobile Marketer,
I spent my money & time: took all the rick , while believing to myself
& learnt the trade from my Mentor & Internet Business god father :
Rejoice Chikamnele- Sir J A.k.a Passive Income mentor, the CEO of SA PLANNER !.
He taught me the little I know about publishing today.
He gave me priceless tips that have helped me greatly.
That is the way to succeed.

What if there is no one around you to help you? Good question.
I understand the fact that it is not every time you’ll find a mentor that will
be as gracious as my mentor.

Here’s what you’ll do in that kind of situation:
Find an Indirect Mentor! What do I mean by this?
There is hardly any area of life that you won’t find someone that
has succeeded in that area. Better still, there is at least someone
who is willing to teach his secrets either through a book, a seminar
or what have you.

For example, when I decided to publish my first book, I had to identify
those that have succeeded in that area. I identified a few people.
One of them is Pastor Olumide Emmanuel:
the author of Pathway To Wealth. He was scheduled to speak at
a seminar in Lagos on How to Be a Successful Author. I was there.
I learnt loads of techniques that have helped me along the way.
I added what I learnt to the other techniques I learnt from books
written by other bestselling authors.

Another Example. Because am a young man who loves
multiple source of passive income, yes i love Legitimate money
in Bulk which i believe you too do.

When i was making my way into Online Mini Importation In Nigeria……
What did i do?
Simple learnt from two young men & one powerful lady who
known what they are doing already in that Niche.
(  Efe Imiren ‘lady’   Pat Ogidi &  Olaide Alim,  )
well know to me as the first 3 Mini Importation Commander In Nigeria
Today, in all the Niche of Online Business i does,
i have a strong a mentor who holds my hand any time things went wrong.
Be It  Mobile Marketing Biz | Information Marketing Biz |
Website Hosting / Website Design Biz | Importation Biz |
Blogging & few others.
Finally Here Is My Key Point.

Beloved , Whatever You Want To Do, Look For Someone
That Has Done It Successfully, Learn How He Did It And Repeat
The Process!
Whatever You Want To Do, Look For Someone That Has Done It
Successfully, Learn How He Did It and Repeat The Process…

Read that again and again. It works very well. The only problem is
that many people will do the opposite. They “learn” from people
that have never done what they want to do.

It’s really a shame. I’ve seen people that want to start their own
businesses take advice from people that have never done any
form of business in their lives.

A friend came to me the other day saying he lost a lot of money
in the stock market. I said,
“Who advised you to invest in the stock market?” he said,
“My stock broker”. Do not be like my friend.

Decide on what you want to. Identify someone that has done
it successfully. Learn from him directly or indirectly.
Repeat what he has done for yourself.
It will definitely work for you expert secrets That is a guarantee!

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Committed to your success,


Don’t forget to drop your comment below to enable me know that you are reading it too. It’s a means of advertising yourself too. I wish to get your success stories soonest


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Whats Unique about Aim Global??

1.) One time, life time membership
2.) Data tracking centre: means personal web page.
3.) We Bank with access bank in Nigeria as well as various Banks in different countries of the world for you to collect your money, no intermediary between you and the company.
4.) Return of investment: Instantly, you will have our products worth more than the amount of money paid as registration (investment).
5.) Your account is transferable to your next of kin and to your generations yet unborn.
6.) No Demotion, No Reversion, No Pass Up, No Quota, No Time Frame.
You can contact me when you want to get started. MY number is 08063633606 or add me on whatapp 08092503854

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Have  you checked yourself for this year 2017 and are you free from any of the sicknesses? If no get this product ASAP.

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Functions of C247 in the CELLS, TISSUES AND SYSTEMS.:

1.) Bronchial Asthma
2.) Acute&Chronic Diarrhea
3.) Cancer&Tumor Formation
4.) Atopic Dermatitis
5.) Anemia
6.) Rheumatoid Arthritis 7.Atrophic Vagenitis
8.) Beri-Beri
9.) Bronchitis
10.) Liver cirrhosis
11.) Colotis
12.) Bone Fracture 13.Burns
14.) Conjunctivit is
15.) Dyspepsia
16.) Cyst
17.) Endometriosi s 18.cervical Ulcer
19.) Gastro-Esoph agel Reflu disease (GERD)
20.) Colitis
21.) Colon Prolapsed&Bowel Pockets
22.) Constipation
23.) Deafness of old age
24.) Diabetes Mellitus (type II)
25.) Ecopora
26.) Diabetes-Ins ullin depedent (type I)
27.) Skin Ulcer
28.) Entiritis-Sw elling of Intestines
29.) epilepsy
30.) Goiter
31.) Halitosis 32.Conjunctivit is
33.) Muscular Degeneration
34.) Osteoporosis
35.) Patient with debilitating diseases
36.) Cholelithias is gallstones
37.) Glaucoma
38.) Gingivitis
40.Hyper tension
41.Osteo Arthritis
42.Pancreatitis 43.Pharyngitis
44.Benign prostatic hypertrophy
46.Immunodefici ency
47.Scurvy 48.Paratism
49.Kidney Disease
50.Nephrolithia sis
53.Myoma 54.Hepatitis
57.Mental tiredness
58.Muscles and nerve pain
59.Muscular Dystrophy 60.Thrombosis
63.Toxin in the body
64.Ulcerative colitis
65.respiratory infection 66.Piles-extern al
67.piles after operation
69.Prolapse of the stomach
71.Vertigo 72.Rheumatic heart fever
73.Pre-menopaus al syndrome
74.Systemic lupus
erythromatous (SLE)
75.Shorthess of breath in children
77.Skin rash
78.Spinal diseases
79.Neuro-muscul ar disorder
80.hyperlipidem ia 81.Hyper Cholesterolemia
84.Tyroid problem
86.Tonsillitis 87.Brain tumor
88.Toxic blood&acidosis
89.Low sperm count
90.Trichomonas vaginalis
91.Rectal tumor
92.Underwieght& Malnutrition 93.Heart
94.Varicose veins
95.allergic rhinitis
96.Weakness of lower leg
97.migraine 98.dysmenorrhea

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| Learning is A Continous Act on WordPress.com

Post by @kaluudoka.

Source: | Learning is A Continous Act on WordPress.com

Aim global is an acronym meaning Alliance in motion global.

Its a world best multi level marketing company that originated from Asia and its mission is to create wealth and quality health to her members/distributors world wide.

Aim global has won many award which includes:- The No 1 best selling mlm in the world from 2013 to 2016.

Their products is food supplement and the flagship product is made from more than 22,000 phyto nutrients and it has been proved the best without side effect, the name of the product is C24/7. There are many other products like complete phyto energizer, Restolyf, choleduz, Alkaline Liven Coffee( world 1st alkaline coffee fortified with 22,000 phyto nutrient), mychoco, and many others.

Aim global aims at creating multi millionaires in which for a period of 4 years in Nigeria more that 300 self made multi millionaires has been created.

Join aim global to achieve your dreams click here for more details http://www.startaimglobal.com

Reasons for joining aim global are:

1. You make money in 7 different ways

2. There is no demotion.

3. There is no autoship.

4. A website is created for you to monitor your business and its easy to be done every where you are.

5. They have wonderful working products.

6. You can easily qualified for traveling, all expense paid trip to USA, PHILIPPINES and many other countries.

You can get more details about how to get started with  this business and more about me as a silver executive in aim global profkaludoka.wordpress.com, +2348063633606, kaludoka12@gmail.com

You can get another source of livelihood of mine here http://www.ultimatesmsnigeria.com

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