What actually is success?
Success is when one achieves or acquires anything he/she plans to achieve.
But success can be looked in many dimensions. Some of the dimensions in which people have looked at success to mean are as follows:
Wealth Acquisition
Health balance
Acquisition of Physical property
Educational attainment
Happiness or Peace of mind in the family
Peace at work place and with friends.
Hence, success cannot be defined in one sentence, but instead it is comprised of many things. One could argue that the definition depends on the individual which is YOU and one size of shoe does not fit all.

1. Success is always doing your best. It can be achieved when you try your best in all aspect of of everything you do.
2. Success is properly setting concrete goals. Be realistic and concrete when setting goals. Success does not come from setting abstract goals but realistic ones.
3. Success is understanding the difference between needs and want. If you meet your monthly obligations and fulfill your basic needs, you are said to be successful.
4. Success is believing you can. If you believe you can, you will succeed.
5. Success is remembering to balance work with passion. Work without passion creates undue stress and empty achievements. Focus on what excites you
6. Success is learning that you sometimes have to say no. Success only comes with a balance life. Part of life is learning to say no.
7. Success is knowing your life is filled with abundance love, health, friends, life is filled with abundance.
8. Success is understanding you cannot keep what you don’t give away. You will only succeed if you help others succeed.
9. Success is overcoming fear. Conquering a fear makes you feel invincible. No one can stop you now.
10. Success is learning something new each day. Successful people understands that learning never stops.
11. Success is learning that loosing a few battle can help you win a war. Successful people choose their battles wisely.
12. Success is standing your ground when you believe on something. Successful people never give up on things they believe with all their hearts.
13. Success is not giving up. Perseverance creates grit, and grit achieves success.
14. Success is celebrating small victories. Anytime a goal is reaches or an obstacle is overcome, take time to celebrate.
15. Success is understanding that you control your destiny. Your destiny is controlled by you and you again. Success can be defined in many ways. I think we accomplish success when at the end of the day we can say, this was a good day. I look forward to doing it again tomorrow.
NOTE: If you keep doing the same thing year after year, you are going to keep getting the same results. But you need to do a different thing in order to get a different result.
What then is your own definition of Success?
Whatever you defines is suitable based on your place or your thought.

Am still your friend the educationist bringing this message your way today.

Read and drop your comments and your criticisms.

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My dear beloved,
How was your today ?

Can we reason over this today?

It’s about a woman who abandoned her
husband and her 4 year old son for her
rich boyfriend.

… and they both (woman & boyfriend)
eventually traveled to the U.S.A

Out of frustration & desperation the
husband went and married another woman.

Unfortunately the second woman couldn’t
bear a child for the husband.

Despite her inability to bear a child,
the 2nd woman took great care of the
boy & treated him like her own son.

Few years later, the husband died in a
car accident.

The 2nd wife did everything in her power
to educate the boy, she engaged in petty
trade such as pepper, Maggi, salt, palm
oil, onions, tomatoes, etc, in the market
square in order to sponsor the boy’s

The boy only knew his step mother as his
real mother & therefore, he called her Mama.

The real mother in the U.S.A did not for
once ask about the well being of her son
thoughtless of sending a penny for the
boy’s upkeep, even after she heard that
her ex-husband (son’s father) died in an

Some years later, this boy grew up into
a very intelligent young man waiting for
his B.A Hons degree in Petroleum Engineering
from the University.

The real mother who also could not bear
another child in the U.S since she eloped
with her boyfriend, realized that she had
made a terrible mistake by abandoning her
own son.

She decided to return home to look for her
son & present to him all her wealth acquired
over the years in the States.

She eventually found her son battling
between life & death in the hospital for
kidney failure.

The Doctors demanded huge amount of money
for the operation & the step mother couldn’t
afford it.

The real mother stepped in & paid all the
hospital bills & donated one of her own
kidneys & the son was saved.

Shortly after, the final results were
out the son got a distinction & also got
a five year scholarship to pursue his
Masters and PhD degrees in the U.K

At the presentation of the certificate,
the Vice Chancellor gave the mic to the
son to call his mother to come up on stage
and receive the certificate.

The moment the Vice Chancellor made the
statement, the real mother got up and
arranged herself waiting to be called
upon whilst the step mother sat down
and looked at the boy with tears running
down her chick.

Assuming you are the son, who would you
call on up stage?

A) Real Mother

B) Step Mother

Remember, you can only call on one person.

I need your answers and as you do…

For now, who would you call upon

… if you are to be in that guy’s shoe?

Good Evening
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By profkaludoka