The Igbos and who they are. (read and forward).

If you don’t know where you are coming from definitely you will never no where you are going to, we must know our root and who we are.

I am here to give you another EDUCATIVE and INFORMATIVE masterpiece.
If you are Igbo then this write-up will help you know more about yourself and where you are coming from, but if you are not Igbo, now you have the opportunity to learn more about the Igbos and why they exhibit some of their characters.
It is a very powerful masterpiece and it took me time to gather them together.
First of all, I will want you to bring out your BIBLE because 30% percent of whatever I will say are recorded in the Holy book.
Like I said, it took me time to do this research. For those of you who think there is nothing connecting Igbos and Israelites, then I can tell you that you are wrong. Igbos are 100% Jews.
It is simply for educating the young ones and letting them know where they are coming from.

Read on to know where you fall into.

Let’s begin according to Genesis 29 vs 30: JACOB had twelve (12) sons namely:
#1. Ruben
#2. Simeon
#3. Levi
#4. Judah
#5. Dan
#6. Naphtali
#7. Gad
#8. Asher
#9. Issachar
#10. Zebulun
#11. Joseph
#12. Benjamin.

The 7th son was GAD.
and according to Genesis 46 vs16. GAD had seven (7) sons namely:

Sometime in Middle East, famine struck and Jacob moved with his family and about 70 other relations to Egypt.
But before then Joseph (which was 11th son of Jacob) had already been sold to Egypt by his brothers, where he was made Governor General under a King Pharaoh.
As time goes on when the Pharaoh that knows Joseph died, they started suffering persecutions from the hand of Egyptians but ERI the 5th son of GAD foresaw the danger, persecution, and wickedness coming and he decided to leave in time with his two younger brothers, ARODI & ARELI with one of his half brothers.

They travelled through Ethiopia, Sudan and down towards West Africa through river nile and landed at a place known as AGULERI today through Omambala river in Anambra state, around 1305 BC.

(I) ERI established and lived close to the Omambala river.
He was wealthy and wise like his great grand father (Abiama) Abraham.
That is why Anambra state has the highest number of rich people in Africa.
ERI; had five (5) sons:
(1) Agulu
(2) Atta
(3) Oba
(4) Hebrew/Ibo
(5) Menri

(1) AGULU; as the first son stayed back and established in the place known as Agulu-ERI (Agulu son of ERI) in Anambra state.

(2) ATTA; moved to upward North and established a place known as “IGALA Kingdom ” and that is why their overall KING is known as “Atta of IGALA” in Kogi state

(3) OBA; left and founded a place known as Oba Kingdom in Anambra state.

(4) HEBREW; which have been changed to mean Hibo or Ibo.
He was very powerful spiritual man and that is why people from this area are always very spiritual.
He left and founded Igbo-Etiti, Igbo-Adagbe, Igbo- Eze (within Nsukka and parts of Anambra).

(5) MENRI left and founded a place known as “”AgukwuNRI”. NRI Kingdom.

(II). ARODI moved to a place known as “ARO- CHUKWU”. Very industrious and good at arts and crafts.
(e.g: Aba Ngwa people of Aba).
ARODI gave birth to:
(1) Nembe
(2) Ngwa
(3) Abakaliki
(4) Ogoni
(5) Afikpo
(6) Aro-Ikot Ekpene (Akwa Ibom )
(7) Aro- Echie (Rivers state)
(8) Arondizuogu.

During slave trade Aro spread all over the world. America, Cuba, Brazil and “ARO-festival” is always been celebrated in CUBA.

(III). ARELI was a man with a lot of Wisdom. The native tongue of his descendants is today known as “Central Igbo”. And people from this Area have the highest number of graduates and professors in Igbo land.
ARELI gave birth to:
(1) Owerri
(2) Umuahia
(3) Diobu (River state)
(4) Okigwe
(5) Orlu
(6) Nkwerre
(7) Elele (Mba Ise)
(9) Mba Ano, etc…

ERI half brothers moved and founded IJAW nationality and some parts of Edo State and many other parts of Niger Delta.

Now to verify some of the things I have said above.

(1) If you get to Aguleri there is a particular house known as OBI GAD (house of GAD).

Remember GAD was the 7th son of Jacob (Gen 29:30) and GAD had five (5) sons of which the last three (3) who were ERI, ARODI and ARELI and some of their half brothers left Egypt to West Africa).
The OBI GAD was the resting or relaxing place for ERI and his brothers and they named it OBI GAD in order to honour their father (GAD, the 7th son of Israel). This OBI GAD was the first house built in Igboland. This is the reason why every Igbo man always build a place called OBI/OBU in his house in honour of his father and mainly for relaxation and in the olden days, there is always a family shrine or little oracle, and why they worship Oracle then was because they left EGYPT before GOD gave 10 commandments to Moses for the Israelites, of which one of the 10 commandments is against idol worship. (even though modern day Igbos now build OBI as outside BAR without any Shrine, while some Christians don’t build OBI anymore because of their beliefs). It can also be Called ERI TEMPLE.
The Obi GAD also serve as a Consulting place for some royal fathers from other community that have Direct root to ERI.


(2) At the Burial place of ERI, there is a TRINITY TREE standing on the grave site.
These are three Trees but are strongly United and connected by Single Tap Root.

(3) “ADA” means first Daughter in Israel (Gen 4 vs 19- 20) and it means the same thing in Igbo language.

(4) Before an Igbo man makes a contribution in a public gathering, he will shout “Igbo kwenu ” and the people will respond “Yah” and “Yah” is short form of ” Yahweh.
Yahweh is the name of Jewish GOD.

(5) STAR OF DAVID AND some bronze medals Encrypted with Hebrew Codes were found in many part of the Igbo land.

(6) Israelis (Jews) manufactures 80% the world weapons and 70% of USA weapons.
Just like Igbos manufactured 80% of all the weapons used during Biafran. Which no other African nation has done.
Igbos were only defeated during the war due to Hunger policy.

By now, we would have manufacturing war weapons for Africans, and no country will have to go outside Africa to purchase weapons to fight Insurgency, if not for the bad policy of Nigeria.
Igbos are the most highly technologically inclined people in the whole of Africa.

You will also notice that Igbos always handle the post of science and technology and industry in most Nigeria ministerial post.

The first West African billionaire is from Nnewi: Chief Sir Louis Ojukwu.

The black Indigenous Vehicle Manufacturers eg:



(A) SLOK MOBILE (Orji Uzo kalu)..

(B) ZINOX COMPUTERS (Leo Stan Ekeh).


(D) Father of internet and founder of the fastest computer in the world (PHILIP EMEAGWALI) etc.

(7) We carry home our dead ones just like the Israelites (Gen 49 vs 29-50). (Just like the Israelites, we were led or ruled by Elders and Priest.
There was no King in Israel until Samuel appointed Saul as the King of Israel and that was why Israelites were led by Prophet Moses and so many other Prophets.

CONCLUSION: Isreali Ambassador (Noah Katz) Confirmed that Igbos are Jews. (Check Daily Sun Newspapers 28th March 2004).
Therefore, Igbo are the Engine Block and Japan of Africa , no wonder an Author with international reputation, “Emefiena Ezennia” said that “In Biafra Africa Died”. We are good people, we love our neighbours, we accommodate anybody. We can live everywhere and develop anywhere. It is in our blood to develop.
We need Igbos to develop Nigeria, Africa and even the world as a whole, we are God’s people, a chosen generation!

Nigeria should stop the marginalization of the Igbos and the Biafrans or let them have their freedom.

For the Igbos we should know who we are, dream and think bigger, for you are the son of the most high God, the God of Abraham (Abiama) believe in yourself and work harder as it is in your blood, every parents should Igbo endeavour to teach their children Igbo language and culture all the time!

Engr. Nwaiwu Chiji

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