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Our Current PROMO Special OFFER Going On

                            Discounted Price Setup Cost Fee

To Setup  SHARED GSM SHORTCODE = Price = N70,000

===> Setup Duration Period = SHARED SHORTCODE = 3-5 Working Days Only & We Must Deliver

===> NO Hidden Charges

===> FREE Monthly Maintains Fee

===>Free Mentorship till you hit the success.

===> Free Support 24/7

===> Access to shortcode response monitoring server

Are You Ready To GRAB This Hot Irresistible OFFER From Now till in the Next 7days Only? Do This Simple Task Now To Reserve Your Slot Reservation as not to Miss Out

Text “SET UP MY SHORTCODE + Your Full Name + Your Location + Your Best Phone No + Your Best Email address + The exactly Day You Are Placing Your Payment “ to 08063633606

To SETUP SHARED SHORTCODE: Price Setup Fee = N70,000 Plus FREE Nigerian GSM Database Active Phone Nos: Stored State by state, L.G.A , with names & sex Gender + All Lagos State GSM Database Active Phone Nos: Stored Street by
Street + Our Hot In Demand Active 4.5 Million Categorized Nigeria Active Email Address Database & Its Bulk Email Sender Software.

( All This Shall Be Yours For FREE ) When You Order For This GSM Short Code Setup Offer From Now Till in the next 7days.

You Can Either Make Full One Time Payment of ( N70,000)
For Shared Shortcode


Reduce You risk by Paying N35,000 First and balance N35,000 when the code goes Live.


 If you can give us your full Trust & Sincerity.. Then you can also

Choose our option of “SERVICE BEFORE PAYMENT” …


This One Is Unbelievable But TRUE.

Yes! The OFFER Sound Unbelievable …
For Nobody else, teaching internet marketing in Nigeria is making this sort of
OFFER & guarantee so why I am making it?

It’s because I want you to have total confidence. Confidence that I will deliver everything I have promised in my guarantee & I don’t just setup business for any of my student and client in any of the online business Niche
am Into Today….No! Rather I Will Still Stick With You, to give you all my
support until you Hit the Success.

Why Am I Doing All This for YOU?
Because I want you to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS & In Return I Will Have a
Faster Testimony from YOU…Yes! Nothing ever sweet me than getting
thousands of Testimonies from my lovely Students & Clients who uses my
products & services…
. .
Alright! Here Is my Irresistible OFFE

Meant for the serious minded one who is ready to plug in his or her bucket into the money flow in the TeleCom Industry in Nigeria. Ready to grab this IRRESISITBLE Offer to setup his or her own GSM Shortcode from now till the next 7days only.. & becomes a high mobile marketer earner…

Someone who desire to become a shining star to his or her family, household & the society in a large?

Alright Contact ME NOW

And here is exactly What I Will Do For You.

If only you can give me your TRUST & SINCERITY TODAY,
then I will talk to my Admin General & staff on your behalf, to use the company money in setting up everything thing for you { A-Z} | Your GSM Shortcode goes live | & you can then comfortable & peacefully make your payment immediately into our Company Account & get your own Admin serve tracking details , login details , Powerful Marketing Tips, My Mentorship guild & Support etc…
{SERVICE BEFORE PAYMENT OPTION} I think this will serve you MORE better…

Shared Short Code:

This has a one-time setup fee of N70,000 discounted price and it’s a one off payment. We have succeeded in eliminating the payment of monthly access fee . This is to ensure maximum return on investment for you our client. Shared Short Code takes between three (3) to five (5) business days to setup.

Shared short code uses keywords direct the SMS traffic to your own inbox on our website. Keyword are normally short words They can be Alphabets or numbers. An example of the Shared Sortcode Service is: “For Daily JOB Alerts, text JOBS to 33810, SMS costs N50/week.” When the subscriber replies the SMS with the Keyword “JOBS” to 33810, they will be subscribed to your service. You will now be sending JOB Alerts to all your registered subscribers daily.

You can also use shortcode for the following services

  • SMS Competitions
  • SMS Voting
  • Health Tips
  • Business Tips
  • Text 2 Win promos
  • Information services
  • SMS Quiz
  • Prize draws
  • Selling eBooks and Songs
  • Charity SMS donations
  • Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers
  • Contact me with this or call 08063633606
  • Get more information about short code messages and caller tune business here
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