The Danger Of Depression

Depression is a dangerous thing in the life of every living being

Its a factor for failure in the life of every youth and young adults.

Depression is a state of being emotionally demoralized and isolated feeling  less important in the society. There are types of depression that can be enumerated as follows: Minor depression which can be cured easily, Moderate depression which if not taken care of seriously can cause serious damage to brain and Major depression which is dangerous that makes one to commit suicide.

Depression can lead to committing suicide as we identified earlier under the type of depression.

Features of depression are as follows:

  1. Fatigue and loss of weight
  2. Feeling of worthlessness
  3. Feeling of guilty
  4. Diminished ability and inability to things
  5. Inability to focus and achieve a set down goal.

It has caused a lot of thing in the society which includes the following negativity

  1. Failure at school; when you are depressed and you are studying it may lead to lack of concentration and reading without understanding which will result to failure academically.
  2. Poverty; depression can lead to poverty when you cannot focus to welcome an  opportunity and you will see failure all the time thereby leading to poverty.
  3. Unemployment; Depression has lead and can lead to unemployment.
  4. Childlessness; when depressed you will never have relaxed mind to love your spouse and which will lead to unexpected childlessness.
  5. Divorce
  6. Hunger
  7. Hormonal depression or imbalance
  8. Drug infused depression
  9. Physical appearance
  10. health Challenges
  11. Stress and
  12. Sleeplessness

This is to mention but just a few.

When you are depressed, do the following to help you sort out and handle the depression

  1. Don’t continue to live in denial and isolation or loneliness.
  2. Be your brother’s keeper
  3. Talk to someone you can trust
  4. Do things that makes you feel happy.
  5. Encourage yourself instead of being discouraged.
  6. Accept the truth always
  7. Reject lies every time you are depressed and always.
  8. Feel good and dress good all the time.
  9. Recognize the power of thought.
  10. Don’t think evil and don’t accommodate negative thought in your mind.
  11. Eat healthy food or diet
  12. Get enough rest and seek medical attention when you are not feeling fine.
  13. Claim the promises of God in the word of God recorded in Mathew 11:28; Psalm 10:11; Psalm 40:1-5; Psalm 63:7; Revelation 21: 4; Isaiah 25:40.

When you have done this don’t always think that every opportunity is dubious but consider something that will help you and don’t always dabble into anyone you see but good ones. THIS MESSAGE IS COMING FROM ULTIMATE SMS NIGERIA

By profkaludoka

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