This website or blog as it may be called, the admin is friendly man whose interest is to change the thought of people concerning learning and making it more positive. Some people think that learning only takes place when in the classroom with a teacher and a complete school setting but learning has actually gone beyond that.
The author of the contents of this blog is an Educationist and have written many books concerning moral upbringing of young people and thought it wise to span his thought via blogging. He is in the teaching field where he is actually practicing more of what he writes. Moreso, he is in a better position to tell you more about learning as a continuous act and is a permanent change in behavior.
I really find pleasure talking about learning, read more and be equipped in information. Learning has reached the extent of travelling, making friends, making money, acquiring new information, reading what people have written earlier as their own perspective or perception over an idea and impacting the life of people positively through teaching and character molding. Thank you for taking your time to read through this page. I will be giving you many views with regards to learning.
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