This is a poem composed and published by Kalu Udoka
* I was born into the world where everything has processes and stages.
* I noticed that the processes were not as easy as I thought.
* My teacher went on to teach me that things are not easy unless followed by its stages or processes.
* He taught me to plan myself every time, as to achieve what I want.
* Little do I know that one must be humble in other to achieve greatness.
* To become a made person, my teacher taught me to be humble and loyal.
* I wasted my time doing things that had no relevance to my life.
* I was meant to understand that time is money and cannot be bought.
* Learning taught me that life is in stages and never to be rushed but followed smoothly.
* Learning taught me that ” Nothing Good Comes Easy”.
* Oh my friends, why not acknowledge the teaches of the great teacher?
* Am now on my way to follow the instructions of learning to become great.
* Having listened and hearkened unto learning, am now an elite and a wise person.
What else can you use for learning as a great teacher ?
What are the phases of life according to the poem? List it out and adjust to make your way better.
Why is Learning a great teacher? This is the question you need to ask yourself and try as much as possible to learn. If you don’t learn, you will be a redundant and stagnant being. Learn to achieve success. Thanks for reading this, use it to grow.



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